Yan Ying Quek

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Yan Ying Quek

About the Caregiver

My personal belief is in fulfilling my duties once I have committed myself to an assignment. People around me often describe me as quiet and meticulous as well. As a patient and easy-going person by nature, I have always been involved in teaching and guiding children and students, particularly special needs children. My passion for supporting and helping children means you can rest assured that I will provide your loved one with the best care. My professional experience revolves around caring for people with special needs. I am certified by the Social Service Institute in Education Studies, specialising in Special Education, in a course for teaching assistants. As a teacher and teaching assistant for schools catering to students aged seven to eighteen who are diagnosed with special needs, mild intellectual disability and autism from 2009 to 2017, I was qualified to support the students both in terms of academics and social skills. At present, I am a private tutor for students including students with ADHD and reading difficulties. In addition to my professional experiences, I volunteered at a church tuition programme and at a kindergarten. Apart from my experience with children, I have had opportunities to care for adults and the elderly as well. From 2017 to mid-2018, I taught simple vocational skills to adults with mild intellectual disability at the ASPN Centre for Adults, following which I was a care associate with a shelter home for ambulant elderly women above the age of 60. My responsibilities included attending to their activities of daily living, medication needs and medical escorting. I thus have experience in interacting with people across a wide age range. I am comfortable with caring for children, adults and the elderly with special needs, mild intellectual disability, learning difficulties and autism aged 6 and above. I am able to communicate with my clients and students fluently in English and Mandarin. I am also trained under CaregiverAsia for medical escort services - from how to handle elderly on a wheelchair to helping them to transportation - going for their medical appointment and fetching them to and from places. I seek to provide medical escorting services for the elderly on the Caregiver Asia platform such that I may earn extra income while maintaining a flexible schedule. With my experience in caring for others, you may rest assured that your loved one is in safe hands. I look forward to sharing my care for more people!

Offered services


5 years , 4 months

Educational Institution

National University of Singapore

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Certification name : Certificate in Education Studies (Special Education)
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Are you comfortable with pets? Yes
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