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Siti Hawa Sidek

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Siti Hawa Sidek

About the Caregiver

I have 13 years of experience in doing confinement care in Singapore. A WINGS certified confinement nanny, I have experiences with confinement for different families and recently ended a case with twins experience. This means that I am also able to help with babysitting if you need it, as I am able to take care of both a newborn as well as look after additional kids. Able to cook both confinement and non-confinement food (just no pork), meaning that all you have to worry about is to recover your strength from childbirth. Armed with professional knowledge learned in KKH, I am able to do herbal bath and herbal soups/drinks for the mother to replenish the nutrient that the mother needs for a speedy recovery. I am able to do part-time confinement services (either day or night shift), allowing me to care for the newborn during the night so that the mother can get enough rest or even teach new parents on how to handle their precious one at night too. Having experiences in a massage and spa industry previously, I can even assist in that recovery by giving mummy a post-natal massage. Post-natal massage energizes the body, improves blood circulation, and relieves back pain. I have many good testimonials from previous clients which I am able to provide for reference upon request.

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