Kelly Gaik

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Kelly Gaik


I have 3 years of experience being a confinement nanny in both Singapore and Malaysia. Trained in Singapore's Thomson Medical Centre, I am very knowledgeable in nutrition intake for the mother and more than capable to whip up nourishing confinement meals. My specialty includes Pig Trotter Vinegar, Pork Belly Soup and many other dishes. I will not have a problem cooking a little extra non-confinement food for the family. Besides that, I am able to share my knowledge on different breastfeeding techniques to mothers to ensure the baby has sufficient intake as well. I find joy in taking care of newborns and am understanding, polite and patient, all of which is crucial in looking after infants and easing a new mother's load. I am able to reduce the language barrier by being well-versed in English, Mandarin, Malay and other dialects from Hokkien to Cantonese.



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Thomson Medical Training Centre Singapore


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