Koriynne Wong

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Koriynne Wong


I am a Singapore trained counsellor stationed in the USA. I specialise in family and relationship counselling. My unique approach using various empirically tested models worked extremely well with clients and in a few sessions, they felt the difference and change that they were looking for. I conduct sessions through Skype, telephone as well as in my virtual office around Singapore, based on clients' needs. I also conduct well-being workshops and coach students on exam stress and motivation. I believe that just an interaction with the counsellor through the counselling platform can be a therapeutic and healing experience itself. I use different therapeutic models depending on the needs of the client and the situation at hand, which includes cognitive behavioural therapy, choice theory and techniques from the Gestalt approach.



3 年份 , 0 个月


Swinbourne University of Technology


認證名稱 : MSocSci Counselling
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