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Yvonne Too

About the Caregiver

I am a confinement nanny with 3 years of experience in both Malaysia and Singapore. I have worked for both Mainland Chinese and Singaporean families and am thus, comfortable with working for families of different backgrounds. I have received professional training in Ipoh and handle about 4 to 5 cases a year. I am talented in cooking confinement food such as Pig Trotters in Vinegar Sauce and Papaya Fish Soup, which helps to facilitate breastfeeding for the mums and non-confinement food for the rest of the family. In addition, I can do babysitting for families with more than 1 child and am able to do simple home cleaning and laundry for the mummy and baby. I have experience in caring for twins as well as assist mummies with breastfeeding. I also have the ability to converse in fluent Chinese and Cantonese coupled with my quality skills and compassion, which makes me a valuable candidate for your confinement needs.

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Additional Information

Are you comfortable with pets? Yes
Are you willing to travel to Careseeker's destination? Yes
Which districts are you willing to work at? SG-No preference (SG)
Are you okay if a job runs later than planned? No
Do you have Medical Indemnity Cover or similar insurance? No