Geik Hong Lee

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Geik Hong Lee

About the Caregiver

My name is Lee Geik Hong and I am affectionately known as Yi Fong. I have been a confinement nanny for 9 years and in last year alone, I looked after 6 families. I have worked in various settings such as caring for families in Sydney, families with twins as well as families from different ethnic groups. I picked up confinement skills from my confinement nanny friends and started practicing confinement care on my relatives. Equipped with a sea of knowledge in postpartum care, I am passionate in sharing my experiences and expertise to new parents. Moreover, I love to cook and whip up mouth-watering confinement food such as Black Pepper Pig Organ Soup, Homemade Chicken Essence with Wine, Fish and Papaya Soup and a variety of other delicious recipes. Having a cheerful personality and positive attitude, I am well-liked by my clients. I am also able to speak Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Malay and English. Due to my popularity, I am booked up for the year and will only be available in January 2017.

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Additional Information

Are you comfortable with pets? Yes
Are you willing to travel to Careseeker's destination? Yes
Which districts are you willing to work at? SG-No preference (SG)
Are you okay if a job runs later than planned? Yes
Do you have Medical Indemnity Cover or similar insurance? No