Jasmine Teo

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This Caregiver has passed our backgrounds check and is definitely safe to have in your homes, taking care of you and your loved ones.

Jasmine Teo

About the Caregiver

Client's welfare are of the utmost priority when I come down to taking care of them. Aside from making sure that the client is safe during my care, I should let them feel like a friend is visiting instead of being cared for like a patient.

I aim to be in the healthcare sector in the long run, and so, I deeply appreciate all opportunities to be there for your loved ones. That way, you will be able to focus on what you have to do, instead of worrying for them.

Offered services


0 years , 2 months

Educational Institution

Republic Polytechnic

Additional Information

Are you comfortable with pets? Yes
Are you willing to travel to Careseeker's destination? Yes
Which districts are you willing to work at? SG-No preference (SG)
Are you okay if a job runs later than planned? Yes
Do you have Medical Indemnity Cover or similar insurance? No