Juliana, MSc, C.Hyp, EQPC Johan

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Juliana, MSc, C.Hyp, EQPC Johan

About the Caregiver

Juliana Johan is a gerontologist, activist, possibility and high performance coach, a Rapid Transformational Therapist, as well as a Happy For No Reason trainer and EQ network leader. She is committed to supporting others lead more beautiful impactful lives by guiding them to heal and lean into their power through self-mastery, inner peace, and purpose. She specialises in the reframing of limiting beliefs and unearthing the source of your issues to achieve a state of flow where you perform optimally and live everyday loving life without overwhelm, anxiety or self-doubt. She also delivers keynote addresses and seminars on possibility quotient, happiness, empowerment and impact. 

Juliana is the co-founder of The Affirmative People, which supports a global community of achievers in the top 15% of the world’s healthiest and happiest. She co-founded The Facilitators’ Project that empowers abused and neglected children to achieve self-mastery and joy. She is also an Amazon international bestselling author who co-authored a book with 17 other global innovators to support others discover their true genius and flow. 

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