Ren Ong

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Ren Ong

About the Caregiver

I have a diverse background of slightly more than 10 years of experience, primarily in acute clinical bedside care.

Worked in various multi-disciplinary settings:

- Orthopaedic and geriatric bedside care involving hip and knee replacements, be it elective or traumatic due to falls, and spinal nursing care in instances such as in road traffic accidents.

- General medicine including administering controlled drugs, dealing with alcohol withdrawal and managing psychotic patients.

- Managed patients with frequent dialysis, advanced cancers and chemotherapy, severe pneumonia, tracheostomies and chest tubes.

- Geriatrics bedside management with dementia and acute delirium.

- Experience with blood taking and providing intravenous access.

- Medical escort and home companion to comatose patients, bedbound/dependent care.

Offered services


11 years , 3 months

Educational Institution

Curtin University

Certifications and licenses

Certification name : Singapore Nursing Board
License number :
Expiry date : 31-12-2020

Additional Information

Are you comfortable with pets? Yes
Are you willing to travel to Careseeker's destination? Yes
Which districts are you willing to work at? SG-No preference (SG)
Are you okay if a job runs later than planned? Yes
Do you have Medical Indemnity Cover or similar insurance? No