James Tan

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James Tan

About the Caregiver

Trained sport/chronic massage therapist with ITEC Diplomas in Holistic and Sports Massage and have been practising for the last 6 years. I have worked in a physiotherapist clinic before, providing sport massage treatment for athletes like marathoners, sprinters, weightlifters, swimmers and badminton players with conditions like rotator cuff sprain, ankle pain, piriformis syndrome and tennis elbow. As freelancer, have also treated clients with age-related syndromes like frozen/cold shoulder, arthritis, lumbago, neck pain etc.

Done voluntary service in Yishun, using Origin Point Massage (a Taiwanese technique), to treat patients like stroke sufferers, heart attack (post recovery) victims and people with general muscles pain and tightness. Each treatment lasted about 15-20 min and patients repeatedly came back weekly as they found the treatment effective.

Categories of massage therapies I can do:
- Swedish or soothing massage
- Sport therapy for injuries and chronic muscle pains
- Sport massage for stimulation of performing athletes
- Full foot reflexology (particular emphasis on plantar fasciitis)
- Some deep tissue massage
- Origin Point therapy (Taiwan) for Heart Attack and Stroke recovery

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Kenko Academy - Provide Hand and Foot Reflexology
Kenko Academy - Provide Full Body Massage with Oil
Kenko Academy - Provide Seated Chair Massage

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