Shan Lim

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Shan Lim


Are you looking for a caring and dedicated Functional Retraining Expert and Exercise Instructor for your general well being or for your loved ones who have recently suffered a stroke or debilitating events?

If so, look no further. My name is Shan and I am a professional trainer with 25 years of clinical work experience in functional rehabilitation and exercise to bring you or your loved one forward for your physical and functional rehabilitation needs.

I obtained my education and clinical training at the University of Illinois at Chicago in America. I am currently licensed as a Physical Therapist in the State of Tennessee, USA. My Tennessee Physical Therapy License Number is 2483. My clinical experience involves acute hospital setting, outpatient clinics, stroke rehab, orthopedics, cardiopulmary chest PT, long term care facilities and home health.

I am a general practitioner but with heavy focus in stroke and orthopedic elderly care. I am also very interested in pediatrics with neurologically related issues. For more than 7 years I had volunteered in the Rehab Department and the IMCU department of the Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. For my personal hobby and well being, I am a seasoned Taijiqian practitioner for the maintenance of my personal health, balance and flexibility. 



25 年份 , 0 个月


University of Illinois at Chicago


認證名稱 : Tennessee Board of Physical Therapy
許可證號 : 2483
到期日 : 31-03-2021


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