Frederick Chan

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Frederick Chan

About the Caregiver

I like to have time for work, for my family and also time to help families who need support to take care of their loved ones and elders.

I do ad-hoc volunteering for old folk homes and supporting some charities through my company. I once volunteered at Rainbow Centre for 6 months to accompany autistic children on outdoor activities like kayaking, nature walk, etc…

I also went for the Caregiver Training course (basic) and learnt some useful tips to take care of elderly.  I will continue to upgrade myself with these trainings on caregiving skills from time to time.

All these experiences were wonderful and somehow reinforced my interest in caregiving, especially I like to work in the area of elderly care. I can engage elders through exchange of conversations, singing songs, praying for them, etc…

I’m a Christian and believe in healing through praying. I can speak Chinese and some dialects like Teochew and Hokkien and can understand Cantonese. I love to meet people of all walks of life. I participate in nature walk group as a way of active living.

I'm friendly and trustworthy. You can count on me to encourage and take good care of them. I can give constant updates of what’s happenings when I take care of your parents or elders.