Edwin Nah

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Edwin Nah

About the Caregiver

I find joy in motivating and helping others build self confidence and problem solving ability. The satisfaction in seeing others better themselves leads me to become a counsellor.

I have volunteered in Care Corner Senior Service (CANs), befriending them to build a relationship, so as to help normalized their expectation on the social worker. There are cases of abandonment, loss of love ones and anxiety of a visually handicap living alone. Being there as a volunteer to provide a listening ear, encouragement to aid acceptance of their situation is a source of comfort for these elderlies.

I have volunteered in En Community, where I participated by helping the elderlies in activities that promotes their use of motor and cognition skills. There are cases of elderlies with social problem; due to their aggressiveness or strange behavior they tends to be rejected by others. Through building a healthy relationship, such elderlies learns the acceptable social behavior.

I had my counselling internship in a primary school. With over 270 hours of face to face counselling support for students. Rendered intervention for individuals with special needs i.e. ADHD, ASD, low self esteem, bullying, truancy, smoking. In particular help a P6 student gains confident on his own ability and the willingness to try and learn from mistakes. The student tends to rely on parents for his homework, was unable to make friends and unable to do well in exam. The student was finally able leverage on his drawings skills to make friends, able to do well in the preliminary exam and walk into the PSLE exam hall with confidence.