Charissa Tan

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Charissa Tan






现在打电话和我约会。工作日每小时收费(上午8点至晚上11点)是1名儿童25美元,2名儿童30美元。 1个孩子的周末每小时收费是$ 27 /小时,2个孩子的每小时$ 32。


Thank you Charissa for your detailed and timely report on her daily routine and condition. Her dedication put us at ease when at work. B. Choo

Tks for arranging the caregiver service. Heres some feedback on the caregiver(Charissa), who has been very responsible, caring , professional and thoughtful. W. Lee

Charissa is a great baby-sitter, taking care of children beyond my expectation. Not just a person who only does the things exactly as instructed, but trying to look for extra things to add more value to. B. Chung

Charissa is very considerate and super good with kids. She taught my daughter and son to draw, pay board, play Uno card game, and not letting them spend too many time on screen. My son and daughter had a very good day. Very lucky to have such nice and responsible babysitter. Thank you! O. Zhang

Prompt, friendly and great with the kids. Went above and beyond. She played games with our 3 young children who have provided great feedback. Would highly recommend and will use again next time we are in Singapore. M. Glasner

Charissa did a good job, thank you! Y. Shen

I wanted to leave a positive feedback on Charissa. She was great at helping my helper taking care of Sam. The logistics with her were easy and she was always on time. We had a great experience and we will definitely contact her in the future if needed. J. Thauby

Charissa really helped by accompanying my father to the hospital. She gave me almost real time updates and photos on what was happening, it was as if I was there. She brought my dad back home safe and sound and even helped me coordinate my dad’s next doctor’s appointment for us. Thank you so much! G. Oei

Charissa was amazing! She was very good and kind with our children. I hope to be fortunate enough to use her next time we are in town. She is such a blessing. C. June

5 Stars: Great help on short notice. Came well prepared and even cleaned the dishes after the kids were asleep. F. Fleck

We've now had the pleasure of having Charissa babysit our three young boys on two separate evenings. She's been reliable and has arrived a few minutes early to discuss our instructions and plans for the evening. She was very attentive and loving to our baby and helped him to get off to sleep. She was able to take over immediately when she arrived on the second evening allowing us to leave on time. Her experience has meant that she's able to handle putting three young children to bed on time, reading them stories and comforting them when upset. We and our three young boys have enjoyed getting to know her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to other families. We look forward to having her babysit again for us in the future. - Gordon and Auggie White Y.

Yes, she was great.. F. Tan

My father is very comfortable with Charissa around and felt that she's very caring. P. Chiu

We are very lucky and blessed to have Charissa to help us to get through our busy time. She is very good on time management, caring and get along very well with my daughter. She also brought along her teaching tools and colouring materials during her 2 days with us. I really appreciate her constant updates so I don’t have to worry and knowing that everything is under control. Thank you so much Charissa! Mrs Yeo M.P. C. Tan

Ms Charissa had provided my elderly father with a wonderful service for the past week, taking care of him by going the extra mile to attend to every request meticulously. She is very caring and responsible, giving many updates via SMS, which gives assurance to family members that our father is well taken care of. We greatly appreciate her help and would not hesitate to book her services in future. P. Chiu

Charissa was patient, knowledgeable and guided my father through his rehabilitation exercises and provided much needed respite as we were unable to take leave. She provided timely updates so that we had a peace of mind and were able to finish our work and return to takeover. Much appreciated and thank you! K. Sia

Charissa was warm and pleasant. She looked after my 2 kids, who are 4 and 6 years old, and I could see her actively engage and build rapport with them from the time she stepped into our place. She arrived 10 minutes early and also brought over her own colouring sheets, puzzles. I appreciated that she also updated me periodically on my children through the evening on their dinner, bedtime, etc. C. Encarnacion

Charissa is an engaging teacher. She brought her own colouring pencils and papers to explore with my daughter. She also fed bathed and played with my girl who enjoyed her company a lot. Charissa is patient and turned meal times into learning outcomes. - Ms Lim J. Lim

Charissa is a kind, trustworthy and friendly babysitter. She was punctual, flexible and had good communication. I would highly recommend her. N.

Thank you for today’s services..😊 Met up with Charissa earlier today, and I quite like her services. She’s quite warm and helpful and she really took good care of me today, she did a prayers for me before my surgery, and accompanied me in the surgery room and also in the recovery room , and then accompanied me all the way to the Blk where I lived at. I’d give a ratings of 4 out of 5 for her services.. J. Chiang