Mark Sim Maa Koh

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Mark Sim Maa Koh

About the Caregiver

After working 30 years in the manufacturing sector, I opted for an early retirement to pursue my utmost passion, which is helping families and their loved ones who are in need for love and care.

My early retirement provided a great opportunity for a career switch, which started with St Luke’s Elder Care Centre where I spent 3 ½ years as a patient care staff/driver. Throughout my employment with St Luke’s Elder Centre, I’ve assisted the elderly (both mobile and immobile) with ADL, managed the safety of the elderly at the rehabilitation areas as well as accompanied the elderly for outdoor activities. This past experience was wonderful and reinforced my interest in Caregiving, especially in the area of elderly care.

In the last 6 months, I took up the role of a Silver Generation Ambassador for SWCDC as well as participated in the Community Befriending Programme with Fei Yue Family Service Centre. These new initiatives have aided in improving my Caregiving knowledge and communication skills to work well with people of all ages, beyond just the elderly.

Ad-hoc volunteering with a group of friends to help the elderly also plays a big part in my leisure time. Our volunteering includes engagement of the elderly through exchange of conversations, singing songs, praying for them, etc.

Being an avid cyclist, I’m an advocate for active ageing. You can count on me to encourage and take good care of your loved ones!