Siew Wee Chen

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Siew Wee Chen

About the Caregiver

Helping others has always been my passion.

This wonderful journey started after my pre-university days when I worked closely with special needs children of ages ranging from one to twelve years old. I conducted classes for simple English and Mathematics and they were taught with creative incorporation of music and childhood games to enhance engagement with the children. We also tried to inculcate life skills in the children by taking them on park excursions and trips to nature reserves as frequent indulgences in nature could aid in promoting their sense of well-being and inclusiveness with the society,

Volunteering is a big part of my life.

I'm an active volunteer at the National Heart Centre. Besides helping patients of all ages at the self-registration kiosks, I also provide directions and information on the availability of general amenities of the facility. I will always try to provide a listening ear to patients who are upset. On a weekly basis, I participate in the Katong Convent Mentoring Programme to help underprivileged children boost their self-esteem and self-worth.

Giving has allowed me to receive even more. All the experiences have been gratifying and enrich my life greatly. You can depend on me to take care of your loved ones.