Faridah Ahamed

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Faridah Ahamed

About the Caregiver

I have had over two decades worth of nursing experience, including both working in hospitals and private home nursing. My experience not only includes Singapore, but also in many Asian countries as well as the UK. I am proficient with several sets of nursing skills such as NG tube feeding, IV care, wound dressing and Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

Professional and friendly W. Tee

Faridah was sent to us at the very last minute. Its a blessing. She took care of my mum like her own mum. With her vast experience she knows abt my mum condition by observing her eating habits, her physical condition. She give us tips on how to take better care of my mum because mum health is declining. She is empathy, loving, patient, compassionate and always go the extra mile. How thankful I am that GOD sent her to us. You are blessed if you get her as caregiver. How I wish I was able to engage get her earlier. N. Ali

I’d give faridah 5 thumbs up-lots of initiative, patient, attentive to details, professional A. Abdullah