Susan Vijaya

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Susan Vijaya

About the Caregiver

I am deeply passionate about providing care services to the elderly and patients of all ages. I have over 21 years of service in the healthcare industry, previously worked as a Senior Assistant Therapist and I have plenty of home-based therapy experience too.

Though I work with various forms of therapy, my expertise lies in occupational therapy and physiotherapy – these are the care services I am hoping to provide to Careseekers.

Thanks to my years of experience in caring for the elderly, I have grown very sensitive towards their needs and am able to communicate and understand them well. I have also worked with stroke patients, patients with mobility issues (spinal cord injury, bedridden, etc.), as well as dementia patients who I performed mind activities with to keep their brains active.

I previously worked at the Parkinson centre taking care of patients there for 3 years, at a senior activity centre for 2 years, and my first work experience was at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) for 9 years as an Assistant Therapist. I currently hold a Certificate for Assistant Therapist from TTSH.

I believe in always being punctual, and providing value-added services for all my clients. Most importantly, I am a compassionate caregiver who is committed to helping clients from all walks of life.