Koriynne Wong

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Koriynne Wong

About the Caregiver

I am a Singapore trained counsellor stationed in the USA. I specialise in family and relationship counselling. My unique approach using various empirically tested models worked extremely well with clients and in a few sessions, they felt the difference and change that they were looking for. I conduct sessions through Skype, telephone as well as in my virtual office around Singapore, based on clients' needs. I also conduct well-being workshops and coach students on exam stress and motivation. I believe that just an interaction with the counsellor through the counselling platform can be a therapeutic and healing experience itself. I use different therapeutic models depending on the needs of the client and the situation at hand, which includes cognitive behavioural therapy, choice theory and techniques from the Gestalt approach.

Koriynne takes the time to understand every last one of your concerns, in depth. Once you mention something to her, she will remember that specific concern and will make sure up to follow up about it down the line. She also makes you feel comfortable discussing anything with her, doesn't make you feel judged, and goes out of her way to ensure that you never feel ignored. You really get the sense that she's not helping out of a sense of duty, but that she actually cares. I would recommend Koriynne to anyone who's considering counseling. G. Wong

I benefited greatly from my written and video sessions with Koriynne. She was attentive to my body language and picked up on what you might believe would be missed in video counseling (if you hadn't had experience with video chatting and good therapy before!). I am appreciative of her candor and the process. I highly recommend Koriynne! S. Shareef

Koriynne was warm and very endearing. It took a little bit of coaxing for me to be customer #1, but I took the plunge at it was worth every penny :) Skype meant that there was some physical distance between us... so hopefully there can be one closer to home! P. Lee

Koriynne has been very helpful. She's very easy to talk to and her responses are always so calming. She has excellent resources to pull from that are helping me a lot. I look forward to working with her more. E. Sim

Great counselor. She is supportive and really tries to understand and work with you. Y. Ling