Li Fen Tea

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Li Fen Tea

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Experiences in Caregiver to Children-Teenagers: 1) Took care of own 4 nieces and nephews since they are newborn till they are teenagers. 2) Daily care includes showering them when they are newborn till lower primary school, patting them to sleep, ensuring they take their meals, playing with them, teaching them math, teaching them basic vocabularies and bringing them out. 3) I am able to handle 4 to 6 children at the same time. Work experiences in Social Sector: 1) In-charge of Youth Drop-in Centre. 2) Plan and organize activities, programmes for the youth. 3) Be-friending and mentorship. 4) In-charge and planned 4 outings for an average of 30 participants. Experiences in Caregiver to Elderly: 1) Escort elderly for medical check-ups and keeping them accompanied. 2) Assist them with basic medical and moving needs. 3) Assist them with basic cleaning up of home.

I am very pleased with the updates Steph provides after each session. Very detailed and she took down everything the Dr said. 👍🏼 E. Chin

M. Carlo

She's friendly, professional and speaks good English. Yes. Will use Caregiver Asia again. I’m happy with your service.. very fast turnaround J. Sim