Allium Healthcare (Physiotherapy)

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Allium Healthcare (Physiotherapy)

About the Caregiver

Our care is as unique as you are.

At Allium Healthcare, we work with you to create a personalised care plan that takes into account your distinct needs and lifestyle. Our professional therapist aims to help you achieve increased independence, pain relief, and improved mobility. Together with you, let’s create an enabling environment for an independently fulfilling life. Whatever your care needs and goals are, we take an uplifting and nurturing approach to help you reach them.

Like you, we believe in attaining our best outcome, that is why our experienced therapist continuously keeps herself abreast on best practices and innovative technology.

Let’s co-create rewarding aged care experiences and live better.

About Our Therapist
Mei Fung is a Senior Physiotherapist licensed with the Allied Health Professions Council and has experience working in hospital and community rehabilitation settings. She has worked with various patients in different areas such as women’s health, paediatrics, geriatrics, orthopaedics, cardio-vascular, respiratory medicine and intensive care. She is trained in providing caregivers with training them on the basic knowledge and skills in caring for their loved ones. Mei Fung believes in helping people while empowering them to contribute to their own healing.

C. Zancajo

It was great. Jasmine was amazing and very professional. A. Bhuta

I think Shelby is good! I may want to engage her. 😊 Shelby gives a lot of tips. Will definitely use againand my father responds pretty well. Z. Neti

Physio session was good. Physiotherapist Syuhada is very patient. Would engage her on more sessions. S. Mohamed Sidek

We booked Jasmine for a PT session for my hubby. We are very impressed with the pertinent questions she raised in trying to understand and assess my hubby's condition. She provided sensible and practical suggestions to strengthen and subsequently improve on the mobility of the affected limb. We highly recommend Jasmine's service. J. Kway

The physiotherapist, Jasmine, was very patient and friendly right from the start. My mum, Doreen, was not fluent in English, but Jasmine was able to explain the treatment procedure, as well as the rehabilitative exercises, clearly in Chinese. She maintained a polite and professional composure throughout the session, and has definitely provided my mum with newfound confidence in improving her knee's condition. D. Ong

Decided to book Jasmine the PT for a home session as my grandma walking ability was deteriorating and it is not very convenient for her to go to a PT clinic due to the need to go in and out of a wheelchair and car. Jasmine and her team were good at explaining the condition of my grandma and teaching the techniques and exercises to the helpers. There were two other professionals. One was a nurse, and I believe the other was a trainee. The nurse helped to assess the lifting and transferring techniques of the helpers and see if what they have been doing were safe. They managed both my grandma and the helpers well by explaining to both parties by demonstrating. My grandma was pleased with the session. The helpers too thought it was a useful and informative session. We would love to book them again but the price tag for weekly sessions is a bit on the high side. J. Tay

Jasmine has been good, she is friendly and professional L. S P