Tammie Tan

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Tammie Tan

About the Caregiver

I began yoga in 2010 as a way to cope with stress and emotions and has never looked back ever since. Yoga sparked off my inner love for movement and it led me to courageously pick up dancing thereafter. Movement-based practices, in particular Yoga, has enabled me to experience several health and emotional benefits for which I am very grateful for.

I became a Certified Yoga Instructor in 2017 when I was awarded Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and Certificate in Backache Management (Yogic Method) from Dr Venky's Shivshakti's Yoga Institute.

I enjoy teaching people from all walks of life at all levels. I believe that it is never too late to start a Yoga practice and that Yoga should be accessible to all. My style of teaching is focused on safe and mindful practice for my students. I hope that her my students would be able to experience the benefits of yoga, the same way as I did.