Deepti Bhattacharjee

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Deepti Bhattacharjee


我在照顾年迈的父母,患有痴呆症的母亲和患有心脏病的父亲的需求方面有经验。因此,我了解对老年人进行优质护理的必要性。因此,我修读了由华美培训学院提供的14门模块的老年护理社会服务高级认证课程。我也获得了急救人员和CPR + AED提供者的认证。我还定期陪父母做定期的医疗约会,并熟悉医疗保健系统。

Deepti has made a big difference to my mother-in-law's well-being. Within a short space of time, she identified the things which were important to her and applied them in each of her sessions - Indian classical music, board games such as monopoly and othello, traditional games such as 5 stones and enough time to chat about current affairs, things of interest to my mum-in-law or things that she finds troubling. This positive engagement has occupied my mother-in-law with activities she truly enjoys, allowed for trust to be built quickly and allowed Deepti to experiment with new activities from time to time. As such, it is no surprise that my mum-in-law looks forward very much to each of her sessions and shares her inner most feelings with Deepti. Deepti has been truly dedicated to the welfare of my mum-in-law, often spending a bit more than the scheduled time and taking her phone calls when she needs a sympathetic ear to listen to whatever is bothering her at the time. She sometimes calls in during the week just to speak to my mum-in-law. Given her closeness to my mum-in-law, we were pleased that Deepti was able to celebrate my mum-in-law's recent birthday together along with family and her closest friends. In view of the foregoing, I would strongly recommend Deepti as a caregiver given her kindness, her sincerity in providing care, her dedication and her continual search for solutions aimed at improving the well-being of my mum-in-law. V. Ananda

My dad called me to thank me for engaging a medical escort service for him and requested to have Deepti’s service again for his next appointment, and my dad is not someone who would call just to thank me for anything. The night before the appointment, my dad suddenly refused to go for his appointment and I contacted Deepti to cancel it, but she so graciously offered to wait till the next morning just before the appointment to see if my dad would change his mind. And he really changed his mind that morning and I’m so glad so much administrative hassle and money was saved because of Deepti’s gracious offer and initiative. She has really turned the normally-stressful medical appointment for my dad into a very pleasant one. J. Goh