Cassie Chee

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Cassie Chee

About the Caregiver

I have had 14 years of work experience, which includes youth, hospice, crisis hotline, prison and addictions as well as education-and-career in higher education institute. I like to update myself with courses such as career coaching, solution-focused-brief-therapy, touch therapy, etc. Life balance is an area of which I earnestly pursue and advocate.
I take on face-to-face as well as online counselling and career coaching.

Below are some information about online real-time counselling via global citing:

Online Counselling
- Real-time counselling session without travelling out of home
- Retain anonymity and thus, eliminating anxieties of seeking a counsellor
- Eliminate travel time and cost

Increasing global citing of the benefits of online real-time counselling includes the extra factors of:
- Writing during times of distress, which has been useful as it is considered to be an avenue for expression and instills the element of self-reflection and regulation; thus, the writing element of online counselling creates
the platform for that opportunity.
- Having a written record allows the seekers to have a reference point for future discussions, review and in the assessment for change and progress

*Note: Career counselling would require some face-to-face sessions.