Bee Keow, Angie Ng

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Bee Keow, Angie Ng

About the Caregiver

I started as a freelance caregiver since 2017. I took the role as a befriender and a care companion to the elderly. Following are the services: 

1) Build rapports with lonely, passive and elderly through meaningful conversation, act as a listener and encourage them to explore and pick up new activities/hobbies to regain their social interactions with an open mindset.  

2) Improve the morale and spirits of the mild dementia elderly through casual chit chats like daily living style, interests and inviting them to widen their sentences and listen to their views.  Engaging them in practical assessments such as  simple exercise (eg. English, Chinese words formation, simple sums) and quiz, alphabets games (creative riddles, puzzles, colouring), etc. 

3) At the client's request, I can also provide add on services like picking up the elderly from neighbourhood day care centre back home and buying lunch for them. My language literacies include English, Chinese, Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese.

Among various short-term caregiving assignments, following were my longest duration:

Age 83 residing in Commonwealth (Nov 2017 to Jan 2018) 

Age 78 residing in Holland Road (Aug to Nov 2018)

Age 84 residing in Bedok South (Jan 2019)

Recent: Age 85 (mild dementia) residing in Sixth Avenue (Mar 2022)

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She is effective and efficient with personal touch especially for elderly care. Competent. Thanks! K. Toh

J. Lim