Kathleen Seah

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Kathleen Seah

About the Caregiver

Hello! My name is Kathleen. I am passionate about helping, especially the elderly.

I have had volunteered to befriend and took care of an elderly male for 4-5 years and he has passed on recently without any relatives to assist his funeral.
Also, I volunteered with a few non-profit organizations (The New Charis Mission and Project Awareness).

In addition, I used to work at TTSH (A&E) briefly as Customer Service and it was a rewarding and satisfying experience.

Kathleen exemplifies patience, caring, loveliness and kindness. W. Lee

E. Koh

Kathleen's very good, my mom enjoyed her company. W. Kuan

Kathleen was able to engage my father. Her affable and patient nature made my father feel comfortable. She was also careful when she brought my father out on his wheelchair to the nearby mall I. Peterson

Kathleen is generally positive. My mum liked her companionship. Good recommendation. K. TAN

Kathleen is punctual and responsible. C. Chong

She's good. P. Wee

Kathleen was late on the first day (i.e. April 16) of her assignment as she got confused with the timing. However, she made it up later by staying till 5pm to complete the 5 hours assignment. She is pleasant and able to handle elderly and gain their trust. S. Chua