Aishah Rahman

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Aishah Rahman

About the Caregiver

I am a very experienced confinement nanny with 20 years of experience taking care of local families. I had a lot of experience taking care of children and can care for more than one child at a time. I am able to cook both confinement and non-confinement meals as long as they do not contain pork. I am also capable of doing postnatal massage, helping to energise the body, improving blood circulation and relieving back pain, which brings mummies back to optimal health as soon as possible. I am also bilingual and able to speak both English and Malay.

I do part-time confinement nanny services, caring and assisting new mothers from 9am to 6pm. My timing is flexible, and time and dates are open for discussion.

Aishah is very efficient and cooks well. Pleasant personality and motherly – felt like I had my mother by my side. A. Aziz