Kit Lee Giauw

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Kit Lee Giauw

About the Caregiver

I am a dedicated and passionate nursing assistant looking to provide home care and companionship for both the elderly and young. I have 15 years of nursing experience in both home care and hospital settings where I worked in the emergency, orthopaedic surgery, O&G, paediatric, and infectious diseases departments. I also have 7 years of experience in child and infant care services. I can assist in bathing, feeding, administering prescribed medication and changing of diapers for both the elderly and young. I am passionate in healthcare and home nursing and am committed to providing quality care for my clients.

Patient, caring, trying to put my mother at ease. Kit stands up because she gave extra mile by taking video to show to Jasmine (another Caregiver) on how to take blood test, use of insulin pen. She also organized these in a way easier for Jasmine to find A. Ng

She is a very caring, responsible and professional caregiver.  In caring for my mum after her fall, she massaged her legs, showered her and helped care for her various needs.  She was very professional in dressing my mum's wound (due to the fall) and was very concerned that it should heal properly.  She also kept me updated daily on what was done and how my mum's wound was healing.  My mum enjoyed her care and companionship and we are grateful and appreciative of her professional care of my mum.  Ms Giauw is truly a Godsend! G. Chew

She was good helped my wife with her nursing needs when our Maid is away on break S. Tham