Shirley Yap

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This Caregiver has passed our backgrounds check and is definitely safe to have in your homes, taking care of you and your loved ones.

Shirley Yap

About the Caregiver

Experience in taking care of my elderly up to 100 years old and children 👴🏻👵🏻👶🏻🤭🧚‍♀️🤟💓💖🙏🏻 (from Level A to Level E (bedridden), beside vitae sign, housekeeping, cooking, handle challenging patients, who had severe Dementia, Psychology issue, Urine Catheter,  Oxygen Therapy, 24hrs Oxygen Concentrator, Nasogastric Tube Feesing (NGT), Brain Tumor, Diabetes, Cholesterol, unsound patients, High Fall Risk medical conditions, and cancer patients, and took up surveillance cases on abuse cases too. Taking care of the needy is my passion (don't ask me why just wish to do my best for them 😋) I have been working in hospitals and nursing homes (non-medical) for more than 5 years and am familiar with the services provided. I used to be a volunteer in my own charity organization and assisted in providing first-aid and voluntary services during events. I am currently providing care-giver service to those in need. I am also a massage therapist and can cook healthy Chinese dishes, Chinese Herbal Soup, Western dishes🍜🍛🍲🥪🍽. I constantly upgrade myself to be a better care-giver. I exercise regularly to stay fit & healthy. Speak English, Hokkien, Teochew, slight Malay, Cantonese, and slight Hakka. 

I believe that meaningful conversations and positive companionship play a vital role in life. I do my best to improve people's lives in a personalized manner and support the elderly with their activities and daily living. Caregiving as a career is definitely a challenge I enjoy and I am constantly improving my skills as I go along this path🤗

I am certified in the following:

- Singapore Rescue Training Center (SRTC) 


- Mask Fitted Trained (S8110)

- PPE Trained

- underwent various elderly care courses such as Caring for Persons with Dementia and Basic Counselling Skills for the Elderly.

I am punctual when it comes to reporting for duty and I am also confident in providing the best care possible to people in need. Your loved ones will be well taken care of!

我有照顾100岁以下老人和孩子的经验(从A级到E级(卧床),挑战患者,脑肿瘤护理,糖尿病, 胆固醇, 患者, 高跌倒风险医疗状况和癌症患者, 并接受了虐待案件的监测案例. 护理提供活动日常生活 (ADL), 洗澡, 美容. 如厕, 举重, 转移, 患者定位, 家政服务, 洗衣, 烹饪, 喂食 (口腔), 痴呆症护理, 导尿管护理和引流袋, 监测生命体征, 心理问题, 氧疗, 24 小时制氧机, 医院鼻胃管喂食, 疗养院, 残疾中心, 家访,和海外实习。照顾有需要的人是我的热情(不要问我为什么只想为他们尽我所能)我在医院和疗养院(非医疗)工作了8年多,现在熟悉所提供的服务。我曾经是我自己的char的志愿者组织并在活动期间协助提供急救和志愿服务。我目前正在为有需要的人提供看护服务。我也是按摩师,可以做健康的中餐、中药汤、西餐。我不断提升自己成为一名护士。我经常锻炼以保持健康。说英语、福建话、潮州话、略带马来语、广东话和略带客家话。我相信有意义的对话和积极的陪伴在生活中起着至关重要的作用。我尽我所能以个性化的方式改善人们的生活,并支持老年人的活动和日常生活。看护作为职业绝对是我喜欢的一项挑战,我在这条道路上不断提高自己的技能护士 我获得了以下认证:- 新加坡救援培训中心 (SRTC) - CPR-AED - 受过训练的面罩 (S8110) - 受过个人防护装备培训 - 为痴呆症患者提供鼻胃管喂养护理和老年人的基本咨询技巧。