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Angeline Ang

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Dear Potential Clients,Apologised as i could not reply many of your enquiries. I was earlier working in a corporate company and during the Covid19 outbreak in SG, i had taken up a frontlier job with HealthCorp/HPB as certified Swabber and Pediatric Swabber for 1.5 years. (updated by angeline 12.12.2021)I am a compassionate and hardworking individual, with extensive experience in providing companionship to the elderly and also volunteer to help palliative patients in a hospice. Possessing a genuine love for animals and concern for their health, happiness and well-being, I am also a pet-sitter for my friend’s cat. Services Providing companionship to the elderly I currently volunteer in a Nursing Home in Singapore. I enjoy spending time with the elderly and taking them out for walks. I am a compassionate and hardworking individual, with experience in providing companionship to elderly clients. I am also able to cook simple dishes such as porridge, steamed vegetables, steamed eggs with minced pork and helps with cleaning up the kitchen after cooking. I can speak English, Mandarin, Teochew and Hokkien. What you get with this service • Respite care • Emotional support • Simple cooking • Medical escort service Need help in bringing the elderly to their medical appointments? I have the ability to understand and cater to the individual needs of her wards, ensuring that they kept constantly comfortable. I am able to assist with patients who require assistance to get to their medical appointment or engagement activities. What you get with this service • Medical escort service Over 15 years of experience in handling animals and pets A pet sitter with genuine love for animals, and concern for their health, happiness, and well-being. After adopting a cat last year, I have come to regard pets as part of my family. I have a compassionate and caring nature, coupled with my familiarity and experience with the basic needs of animals, allows me to care for your pets perfectly. I charge $25 per pet, every session which ranges from 30-45 minutes. What you get with this service • In-home pet care services including leashed walks • Adequate exercise and play time for the pets • Clearing of cat litters

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She was very efficient and friendly M. Ruggles

She is friendly and able to connect and accompanying my mother through her list of things to do. Able to fulfill her tasks competently K. Toh

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Friendly, helped my mum with her stuff. Responsible. K. Yang

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