Sen Sen Wu

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Sen Sen Wu

About the Caregiver

Looking for home cleaning solutions? Book me now! I will provide you with mopping, sweeping, window cleaning services and more. I also serve a variety of household types including HDBs, condominiums and landed property homes.

Sen Sen is a 5 star! She'a superb and quick handed. Sharing useful household cleaning tips. Definitely will be using Caregiver Asia again. E. NAH

I. Yong

A. Faliq

Sen Sen is very hardworking T. Wong

SenSen is good but only a little communication difficulties due to her speaking mandarin only, otherwise it is all good. G. Kashyaap

V. De Souza

Sensen is hardworking and does the job fast. Given the short amount of time, she will share with us on the small tips and tricks on how to do the household chores efficiently as well. I. Teo

Sensen is hardworking, punctual and responsible. C. Chong