Nur Erryqah Sha’nia Binte Mohamed Ebby Sham’rul

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Nur Erryqah Sha’nia Binte Mohamed Ebby Sham’rul

About the Caregiver

I worked as a Healthcare Assistant for nearly 5years. I have personal experiences taking care of my late grandparents whom had stroke & diabetic whom had her leg amputated. I'm not squeamish with most things & are very good with domestic animals too. I have attended courses pertaining to caring for elderly

i am also very good with children. Has been a babysitter since young tending to my siblings, my own child and now working full time caring for others while the parents run errands or have work to do. I have taken care of many expats and tourist children and also for most locals. I learn confinement care from my mum who is a confinement nanny back in her days when she is still healthy to go around.

Our helper left for a 4-week Holiday and Nur took care of our 3 kids aged 4,2 and 1 year old. She was constantly on time to pick up the kids (as both of us were at work), was proactive, diligent, and gave so much attention and love to our children. We can’t be grateful enough to Nur for how much she helped us. » Tessa T. ARQUILLIERE CUART

Very helpful and always accommodating to lend an extra hand because i am wheel-chair bound and my husband was admitted in hospital during these time. R. Pang