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kristine tan

About the Caregiver

Hello! My name is Kristine and I’m so proud to be a caregiver. I'm happy & honoured to provide care for people who needs it. 

I have taken care of my loved ones too no matter in hygiene, daily care, toileting, meal preparation or medication. Definitely there is companionship as well as it’s important for their well-being. 

I’m very particular about being on time and to be professional on the job I’m tasked to complete. I’m very passionate and I love to interact with people. I believe every moment is to be cherished well. I’m really sincere to do my best and take care of the elderly well like they are my loved ones, ensuring not only their health but also their happiness. 

Other than taking care of the adults and elderly, I do take care of children as well. I have taken care of niece since she was born and now she's 8 years old. I have also taken care of my friend's children that is at the age of 2 years old and 5 years old while their parents are busy with work. I understand that I'm young but I'm passionate in taking care of babies or children. Definitely, I plan to have my own in the future. 

I strongly believe that taking care of others require a lot patience, empathy, love and compassion. These are qualities that is necessary in this line of work. 

Language: Chinese, English, Hokkien

Looking forward to meeting you and your family! <3