Jane Zheng

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Jane Zheng

About the Caregiver

10 years of experience as a masseur and years of experience in freelance home cleaning services.
Previously, provide in-house adult massage such as Swedish massage, postnatal massage and slimming massage
Able to provide home cleaning services such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning of inner windows, ironing of clothes and cleaning of the kitchen.
Being a housewife for 15 years with 2 children, I have a passion to ensure everything in the house is clean and tidy and ensure that the house is properly managed. I have a passion to take care of children from aged 3 years and above.

Wanted to give a shout-out compliments to Jane, the cleaner who came and help me 5 times across these 2 weeks. She’s professional and meticulous with her cleaning, and also made efforts to help me with laundry even though it wasn’t her expected job-scope. Jane has been a life-saver during these 2 weeks when my helper’s away. C. Luar

She has a cheerful disposition, follows instructions well and is quite experience. R. Binhan

S. long

Jane did the work well, thanks for recommending her. C. Chong