Sandar Aye Aye

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Sandar Aye Aye

About the Caregiver

I am a freelance caregiver also practise rejuvenate yoga for more that 7 years. Rejuvenate Yoga keeps your body and mind revitalise and strengthen from daily practise. It's take maximum an hour to one and a half hour. Its very relaxing activity standing position 12 exercise, slow jogging for 15 to 20 minutes and after that sitting position 12 exercise. Rejuvenate yoga for any age male or female, young or old should try to practise regularly everyday or 3 to 5 times a week the best time in the morning from 5:30am to breathe-in the fresh air before strat a new day.

Here are the benefits from regulary exercise of Rejuvenate Yoga like strengthen your body, muscles and bones such as physical well being, relaxing, energetic and refreshing for your mind and soul too. In my experiences of more than 7 years of practising, I feel lighten from over-stressed and depression due to over loaded with work and family. You should strat it anytime from now to keep fit and look younger.

I feel muh happier after starteded to practise this exercise and even I do not need to see doctor often as before. I save lots of medical expenses after the exercise. I used to have frequent giddiness, migraine, cold symptoms like cough, running nose, asthma, body ache and other minor health issues. I am much healthier and look youthful after Rejuvenate exercise regularly. 

Please book with me if you interested to keep healthy journey with Rejuvenate Yoga. I will share more how healthy and happy from my own experience. 

Thank you.