Melvin Koh

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Melvin Koh

About the Caregiver

Hi everyone, my name is Melvin. 

Helping others is always my dream and passion as I wanted to return to the society. Especially seeing their condition recovery day by day and I felt very happy as well. 

I had been assist clients with common physical and mental health conditions. Measure and record vital signs. Administer medicine. Apply CPR+AED when needed. Assist with basic needs. Transfer clients with or without mobility equipment. Assist in toileting and other hygiene activities. Eg. Provide nursing, medical escort, babysitting, nanny and care companionship.

I am enthusiastic, friendly and helpful. 

I am able to converse in English and Mandarin and dialects such as Teochew, Cantonese and Hokkien when needed.

My wish is to make everyone happy and healthy everyday!