Yvonne Chan

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Yvonne Chan

About the Caregiver

Experience in caregiver to Children - Teenagers 

1) Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

-Able to handle a small group of Children (Toddlers-Preschooler)

-Assist in play activities

-Ensure they take their meals and nap on time

-Guide them in handicrafts

-Ensure all Children are in a safe environment 

2) Took care of my younger brother (Newborn - Teenager)

-His daily needs; Feeding, Showering, patting him to sleep

-Guide him in his homework 

-Bring him out

3) Volunteering work in the orphanage home 

-Organise activities for the less fortunate teenagers 

-Ensure their safety

-Provide a listening ears/ Befriending 

Experience in caregiver to the Elderly

1) Volunteering work in Old Folks Home

-Befriending them

-Make simple handicraft with them 

-Help them with their movement; walking, sitting down etc