Winnie Lee

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Winnie Lee

About the Caregiver

Compassionate and caring by nature, I love and care a lot for children and seniors. People around me describe me as very friendly, approachable and motherly. All of my professional experience has thus revolved around teaching and caring for children and elderlies. You can safely leave your loved one with me and rest assured that I will provide the best and optimum care for them.

I was a primary school teacher, and I went on to obtain my nursing and midwifery licenses and certifications in the UK in the 1970s. Following my graduation, I was a nurse/ midwife in the UK for more than a decade before moving back to Singapore.

In addition to my nursing experience, I was a parentcraft consultant, a research nurse with NUS and SingHealth, and a smoking cessation counsellor with TTSH and SGH. Besides basic nursing skills, I went on to participate in courses targeted at postnatal home care and family planning. In addition, I am a certified Practical counsellor and midwife. I am also an experienced and seasoned babysitter of more than a decade.

Past clients I have babysat for are highly satisfied with my services and strongly recommend me as a babysitter. They are confident in my skills in supervising, caring, bathing and feeding their children. I am highly motivated and meticulous. Coupled with my extensive experience and knowledge about caregiving, clients are very pleased with my genuine care and capabilities. In fact, my dedication and observation skills have saved one of my client’s baby’s life when I noticed something amiss and suggested they send their baby to the hospital where their baby was. Very fortunately, diagnosed and treated successfully. To express their gratitude, they offered me a one-month bonus for saving their child’s life.

These testimonials from my past clients are validations that are a result of the dedication I provide for my clients who I greatly value. You can leave your loved one in my care with utmost confidence. My experience thus allows me to be comfortable with caring for children and babies up to 10 years old and  adults/elderly  in the comfort of their home.

I also speak English, Mandarin, and dialects including Cantonese and Hokkien. I thus wish to exercise my compassion and utilise my skills to help more people whenever I can. By coming onboard with Caregiver Asia, I wish to provide my medical escorting, babysitting, nanny and care companion services to a wider range of people within a more flexible schedule. I look forward to sharing my love and care for your loved one!

Very friendly and polite. A.

Winnie is a caring babysitter who has helped me with caring for my children aged 9 months and 4 years. She plays and looks after both children diligently and in a loving way. She is flexible to care for them according to our preferences. Winnie takes initiative to meet their needs. Thank you Winnie for your help! L. Malone

Ms Winnie is friendly and approachable. She gives timely updates on how my 5-month-old boy is while I am away. I can feel her passion towards kids and not just work for money. P. Foo

Winnie is a very friendly and patient nanny. She even came with a massage stick as a gift for my mum, which was so thoughtful of her! =) Our 3 month old baby boy was rather overwhelming as he refused bottle and needed cradling but Winnie tried her best to console him, gave us detailed updates about the situation at home and was a great company to my mum. We were very lucky and grateful to have her. =) E. Tan

Winnie has helped us to babysit our two month old bubs on several occasions. She is a kind and patient caregiver who genuinely loves children. With her around looking after bubs, I was able to focus on other tasks with complete peace of mind. ; ) P. Wong

I would like to say that Winnie was very knowledgeable, nice, kind and helpful. S. KARMAKAR

Winnie is very patient and kind. She works hard and takes in our requests and instructions easily. She was also attentive and careful in looking after our 8-week old baby. Her nursing background was also helpful. However, we feel that our little handful could be a little overwhelming at times, especially when he needs constant feeding, cradling and nappy change. We feel Winnie would be a perfect fit for baby-sitter/nanny for toddlers above the age of one. Nonetheless, we are grateful to Winnie for her invaluable assistance to us the past 3 days, allowing us some invaluable breathing space. A. Chang

S. Supramaniam

Not professional, slept with baby in her hand despite asking her to put the baby down. T. Meng Tien