Natalis Tjoa

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This Caregiver has been awarded a Silver badge, as part of the CaregiverAsia training accreditation program, after completing intermediary training sessions. Silver is the second tier of achievement in the accreditation program with subsequent tiers being Gold and Platinum.
This Caregiver has passed our backgrounds check and is definitely safe to have in your homes, taking care of you and your loved ones.

Natalis Tjoa

About the Caregiver

Hi. I am Natalis. You can call me Nat for short.  

Having previously founded an elderly business focusing on technology products to enhance the safety and convenience for seniors to lead an independent life. I can appreciate the challenges faced by the seniors physically, socially and psychologically. With an elderly mum to take care at home, I also experience anxiety when she fell ill and weak in mobility. I learn to observe her fear and consult more with the doctors/therapies/nurses to find ways to improve her health and physical well-being. 

I have co-authored an e-book "Home Alone - the "7+1" principle of conscious aging" which touched on the 7 principle of universal design for independent living as well as a need for mindset change by the elderly as they aged. 

I have a positive outlook and enjoy interact with young and old. Cool temper, patient and punctuality are the traits my acquantances say about me.

My services are ...1a) medical escort service with my own car (preferably)

                          1b) medical escort service with client's arranged transport

                            2) care companion