Laveen Mohinani

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Laveen Mohinani

About the Caregiver

I’m a homemaker and love preparing meals for my 2 grown-up children. I’m hoping to offer babysitting services through this platform.

I’m passionate about meeting people from all walks of life, and love taking care of people. In terms of experience, I have taken care of my neighbour’s children, and have even provided babysitting services to children of parents who want to spend time alone. I have also taken up a speech and drama course to better relate to children, and I love kids of all ages. When I can, I enjoy reading story books to them as well. Previously, I have also worked in administrative and accounting positions.

During my free time, I enjoy reading and singing to keep myself occupied. Apart from this, I’m hoping that freelancing will also keep me occupied, now that my children are all grown-up!