Jeanie Goh

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Jeanie Goh

About the Caregiver

Cheerful, hardworking and helpful, I am passionate about caring for others. I am looking to offer care services for the elderly or those who may need companionship and company.In terms of experience, I have provided babysitting services for about 3 years, for children aged 8 months to 6 years old. Apart from working as a babysitter, I was also a cook. One of the main reasons why I decided to take up freelancing was because I like trying out new things.From my experience, my previous clients/patients tend to enjoy my company and services. I believe my friendly and easy-going nature will allow me to relate better to new clients in the future too. I have also worked in a Day Care centre for 1year+ attending to elderly. During my time in the day care, I’ve assist with their Basic needs, toileting, caring with their personal care including hygiene, monitoring with medication and engage and performs activities, exercises and walking with the elderly.

Jeanie was very good with my boy, and had good initiative, bringing along materials for Balloons Making activity (thus diverting some of his time away from the TV). Wonderful and Very Accomodating too! Thank you for your assistance in finding her for this assignment! 👍😉 C. Law

Jeanie was very punctual. She came 15 mins early and brought a toy for my baby girl to build rapport. A very good initiative. She put in the effort to change my child before I came home as well. She was cheerful and got along well with my child. K. Neeran Rai