Warner Ee

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Warner Ee

About the Caregiver

Compassionate and friendly by nature, I tend to provide a listening ear and offer emotional support for anyone who is in a difficult position and in need of help. I strive to motivate individuals and help them stay positive. People I have cared for and spoken to often say they feel better and uplifted, being able to smile and laugh at the end of it. It is very rewarding to see that I could induce such a positive change in someone.

As a retired civil servant, I have both local and overseas work experience including training and training development, crisis management, project management, protocol and major event management, as well as experience as an SAF Para Counsellor. In addition, I am continuously seeking to improve and grow as a person and has thus recently completed my joint BA (honors) degree in Childhood Studies and Guidance and Counselling.

Apart from my professional experience, I was a volunteer for the then Association for the Mentally Retarded at Margaret Drive where my responsibilities included being involved in caring for mentally handicapped children at the day school.

My experience and expertise in counselling and caring for people spanning across all age groups means I am able to provide dedicated and attentive care for your loved one. Being able to speak multiple languages including English, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin and Russian, as well as Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese dialects also eliminates any language barriers and enables me to provide meaningful care for everyone regardless of their spoken language.

Hence, by signing on to Caregiver Asia as a caregiver, I hope to make use of my passion to provide wholesome and comforting care to a wider range of people in need. I look forward to a fulfilling journey as your freelance caregiver.