Cecilia Yeo

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Cecilia Yeo

About the Caregiver

I take care of new born babies to 6 years old kids, include twins. Feeding, bathing, engage activities with them, reading, singing, teach toddlers to learn to crawl and walk. Bring them out for walks on stroller. Doing the laundry by puttiing babies clothes in machine to wash, sun dry and fold. Prepare baby food like steaming and simple cooking. Sometimes I am alone at home with baby while parents are out at work, I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, put baby to sleep if parents need to dine out till late in the night.

An extrovert by nature, I am easy-going and sociable. For the past ten over years, I have been highly invested in my community as a grassroots leader, involved in events, activities and out-reach to residents. In addition to grassroots activities, I am familiar with volunteer work. I enjoy going on nature walks, transporting and accompanying elderly residents and participants on various sightseeing trips. My experience with engaging the elderly means I can provide conscientious care for your loved one. I am able to do a variety of tasks as well. I hope to make use of my outgoing and patient personality to provide dedicated care and assistance to a wider range of people here at CaregiverAsia.


Cecilia lent us outstanding and brilliant support in our time of need. She looked after our 1-year old girl with great care and love for almost 6 weeks. Not only did our girl become comfortable with her within a couple of days, but she would actually look forward to Cecilia‘s visit daily. Cecilia also tried instilling good habits such as reading books, eating on the high chair, etc. She also created a great rapport with our 6-year old girl. Overall Cecilia proved herself as an excellent babysitter. C. Yeo

Cecilia would be my first choice C. Yeo

Caregiver is very efficient and when I call at very late they still able to help me get the babysitter at the next day. It was great help to us when we can’t take care our son. Cecelia is good and patient to my son and she did a very good job in take care my son. If u need part time babysitter don’t hesitate to contact caregiver. Thanks caregiver ! C. Yeo

Cecilia is good. Thank you and much appreciated for the arrangement for my mother. A. Tan