Ashley Foo

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This Caregiver has passed our backgrounds check and is definitely safe to have in your homes, taking care of you and your loved ones.

Ashley Foo

About the Caregiver

Having worked in the special needs industry for almost a decade, Ashley stands firm in championing for the Autism community and making sure they are well-equipped to live a life of quality.

She holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology from McMaster University, Ontatio, Canada, and a Certificate in Autism and Higher Certificate in Autism, both accredited by Autism Resource Centre.

She has been working with children with different learning disorders in special schools e.g. Autism Resource Centre (EIP), and mainstream preschools since 2010. In her home-based teaching journey with the children, she upholds a system that observes, monitors, tracks and analyzes the progress of every child she works with, basing them on the curriculum and IEP goals that she has proposed.