Jennie Solomon

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Jennie Solomon

About the Caregiver

Jennie Solomon is a specialist for treating individual needs and is a highly qualified individual in the field of Health and Wellness. Her 24 years of experience covers a wide scope in traditional and modern Health Therapies - Aromatherapy, Foot Reflexology, Meridian Acure-point, Palm Therapy, Face-point Therapy, Tummy Slimming Care, Massage in School Program, Infant Massage and Pre & Post Natal Therapy. 

She has conducted public training courses in Training Schools, Community Centres, Child Care Centres, Private Spas and Club Houses. 

(Professional Training Background)
1. Diploma in Aromatherapy, Joanna Hoare Institute of Aromatherapy (IFA registered)
2. Qualified Supervising Assessor and Trainer (Health Therapies)
3. Assessor Course Certificate (NSRS 300804)
4. Supervising Assessor Course (NSRS 300813) 
5. 3-Module Course in Industry Trainer 
- Coaching Skills 
- Planning & implementing OJT
- Instructional Skills