Suriatie Abdullah

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Suriatie Abdullah

About the Caregiver

My name is Suriatie Abdullah. I love children and elderly alike. I used to babysit my nieces when they were small and I also used to be a Childcare Assistant at Shaws Childcare at Katong. I have been doing paid babysitting for roughly 20 years now. My clients are both local Singaporeans and expatriates. I have experience taking care of newborns (twins as well) to younger kids less than 1 year old. My mission is to take care of people who are in need!

Suriatie is a good babysitter with a good heart. She was able to handle my 3 kids with a lot of patience. She is careful with the children and very cheerful and talking always with the children also she is able to handle my 2 Autistic sons S. Dridi

Ms Suriatie is adaptive and friendly with the kids. She work safely despite the hazardous environment. It can be seen that she like her work and is always on time. M. De Saint Victor