You Are Good Enough

You Are Good Enough

You Are Good Enough. Embracing Who You Really Are.
The feeling of being burnt-out and exhausted, and of struggling endlessly to find a balance between family, work and other commitments are common. Many caught in this chase to succeed at all costs end up feeling like failures — that they are just not good enough.

The authors of You Are Good Enough! are determined to help the defeated feel empowered again.

"This book is written to help you accept and celebrate that who you are – right now – as a human being is, has been, and always will be, good enough. Explore how to become the person you naturally are. Experience a shift of perception from the image of who you believed you were supposed to be – your counterfeit self – to the honest reality of your authentic self."

Pages: 160
Publisher: The Straits Times Press
Publication Month/Year: May 2019
Subject/ Genre: Self-Help
Author: Karl LaRowe and Ravi Vig

"Extremely well written and a easy read, the authors deal with the common symptoms of professional burnout as well as other environments where there is loss of passion, anxiety, fatigue, toxic negativity. Very uplifting and motivational. Also would be a very good read on dealing with people who are suffering from those symptoms."
- Thomas

"For professionals, parents, teachers, coaches...a great, timely and a must read! Should have been published years back." - anonymous 

"A must read for anyone and everyone who wants to be happy!" - anonymous 





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