VIRUSHIELD Sanitizer Disinfectant Spray

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You and your loved ones can stay protected on the go, with Virushield's Sanitizing Disinfectant that eliminates 99.99% of germs around you. It is gentle on your skin and doesn't leave a sticky residue. It can also be used to effectively wipe down your tabletops in the office and at home.

Do you know that the sanitizer is a multi-purpose solution?

Watch this video '12 Sanitizer Life Hacks around your home' to find out how you can get the most mileage out of your sanitizer!

Product details of VIRUSHIELD Sanitizer Disinfectant: 

  1. 70% Ethyl Alcohol, 30% Aqua (water), and antimicrobial active ingredient.
  2. Protects from illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses.
  3. Proven to Kill:
    • Influenza A (H1N1)
    • Human Coronavirus
    • Swine Influenza A
    • Pneumoniae
    • Herpes
    • Polio Type 2
    • Salmonella enterica

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