Vanzo Negative Ion Diffuser

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VANZO Negative Ion Aroma Diffuser 250ml 

👍 Releases 30 million negative ion
👍 Helps to clear airborne allergens: pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and dust particles. 
👍 Improve air quality.

Aroma diffuser
Fragrance permeates your home

Negative Ion Function (Release 30 million negative ions)
Provide you fresh air

Low Water Cut-Off Technology
Stay away from safety hazards - anti-burn

Portable & Rechargeable
Can be placed anywhere

Night light mode
Warm atmosphere experience

☑️ Water tank capacity 250ml; 
☑️ Built-in 2000mAh battery, supports wireless service;
☑️ Three modes:
         Continuously spraying,
         Spraying & Releasing negative ion alternately,
         Releasing negative ions only

ABS, PP, Silica Gel, Electronic Parts

⚠️ Please do not add water to the spraying nozzle or damage it with other items.
⚠️ Please do not move the diffuser when it is filled with water to avoid water leakage.
⚠️ Do not overfill the water tank above the Max line.
⚠️ Keep the device clean and dry when not in use to prevent bacteria and mould.
⚠️ Always clean and dry the water tank regularly to avoid bacteria. 
⚠️ Do not tip the product, as this may cause water to enter the inside of the base and damage the internal electronics.
⚠️ Adult supervision is required when used in close vicinity to children.
⚠️ Keep children, pets, or any person with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities out of reach.
⚠️ Never use the unit with another AC adapter.
⚠️ If there is severe bloating, do not continue to use it. 
⚠️ Do not disassemble, crush, squeeze or throw the battery into fire.
⚠️ Do not place in a high-temperature environment.
⚠️ Please do not use this product while charging.
⚠️ If smoke or burning smell is detected, unplug the unit immediately.

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