Vanzo Duo Series (English Pear & Freesia)

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Vanzo Duo Series: Interior & Cars Scent Of Healthstyle 

English Pear & Freesia 
The flesh and sweet smell of pear wrapped amount the delicate scent of freesia to create a gentle fragrance.

ABS, Glass

Active Ingredient
Fragrance, Organic Solvents,Deodorant, Bacteicidal Assistant 

Product Life Cycle
60 days

Original of Raw Material (Perfume)

100 ml


Direction of Use
1.Take of the main cap
2.Take off the inner Cap
3.Take off the lid
4.Put the stick holder on the mouth of the bottle
5.Insert the rattan stick into the bottle through the stick holder (Stick- depending an individual smell level )
6.Recover the inner cap and main cap 

⚠️Do not consume.
⚠️Do not put in the reach of children.
⚠️Do not place it where it may block driving vision.
⚠️Do not put the product where the air bags pops up.
⚠️Please wash off with water if the gel is in contact with eye.
⚠️Please visit doctor if the is gel is consume.

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